Luis Soel Rodas Calderon is a consultant specialized in intercultural efficiency and diversity management, as well as an institutional strengthening adviser. His experience encompasses cultural issues, intercultural communication, relational competences, and their influence on management styles in Canada and abroad. As a facilitator and a counselor, his work seeks to maximize dialogue and collaboration between partners from different cultural settings.

Luis started his professional career working for various Canadian corporations and institutions interested in the development of organizational competences in a diverse and globalized world. He has been a consultant at the Centre for Intercultural Learning (Global Affairs Canada) and for the Programme canadien de bourses de la Francophonie. Rapidly, his career pushed him to develop an interest in international development dynamics, becoming intercultural efficiency facilitator for Canadian and foreign delegations working at the international level. During long-term stays in diverse Latin American countries, he delivered lectures and conferences on human resources and project management in international mobility contexts.

Born in Guatemala, Luis Rodas holds a Master Degree in History by the Université de Montréal. His research interest was on the acculturation process of Maya populations in Guatemala. Co-founding member of PAZSOS, he speaks Spanish and French.  He holds since October 2020 the position of Coordinator of Facilitation of Creative and Participative Dynamics.